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Easter Lessons

This photo of the team and Luke (one of our amazing volunteers) was taken as we created and tested our Easter Lessons, ahead of delivering them in schools. This year we delivered over 40 Easter lessons to students from Years 7 and 8 across 6 schools in the run up to Easter.

This year’s theme of our Easter Lesson was “The Greatest Rescue Mission Ever” where we looked at the Easter story and explored why for Christians Easter is so significant, and why they consider it the greatest rescue mission ever.

The lesson contained a range of games, activities, discussion and clips, with the students really engaging in all the activities. In particular looking at the Easter story through emojis and building sugar cube barriers were especially popular, as we explored the various components needed for a rescue mission and how they fitted into the Easter story.

It’s been great to have the opportunity be able to serve the schools, through enriching the RE curriculum, whilst also sharing the significance for Christians of this time of year and we look forward to delivering more lessons in our schools in the Summer Term.

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