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A Time to Reflect

“It’s really great to get chance to take time and out reflect, it’s not something we get to do.” This was the feedback from one Year 9 student after we delivered a prayer space at Cathedral Academy, with many of her classmates agreeing with the sentiment.

In the busyness of day-to-day life many students have fed back to us that they don’t really have much opportunity to take time out to simply pause and reflect. CROSS have been able to help provide these opportunities. In the Spring half term we have run a Belief in God prayer space at Cathedral Academy, as well as a set of lessons at Castleford Academy on Peace and Conflict, which contained a significant amount of time towards the end of the lesson for students to reflect through a carousel of contemplative activities. 

Being able to provide students with a place that they can pause to think through their beliefs and process their thoughts, is really important, especially given the fast pace that many young people go through life. It’s been a great opportunity and privilege to help students have that space to take things slower and reflect on their lives, as well as to share our Christian perspective on some important issues.

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